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Red Rooster Bakery is open for Visitors

Our bakery welcomes visitors whether it’s individuals interested in artisan baking, seniors’ groups, aspiring bakers, bakers interested in building an oven, agricultural groups, horticultural societies, art galleries, school groups, university students, radio hosts, magazine writers, or anyone with a stake in food security.

Actually, come to think of it, we’ve had a broad spectrum of visitors as guests, including the entire group of skaters with their production crew when Holiday On Ice was filmed and staged on December 2006.

So, don’t hesitate - if you want to pay us a visit, just send us an email or give us a call at 250-560-5000

Film crew and skaters

December 2006

Visit of the film crew and skaters during the filming of “Holiday On Ice”.

Among the stars are (back row): Gary Beacom, Jennifer Robinson, Jeffrey Buttle, Oksana Baiul, Angela Nikodinov, Sawn Sawyer, Scott Moir

front row: David Pelletier, Tessa Virtue, Jamie Sale, (Roman & Monika Muntener), Brian Orser.

Visit the Farmers’ Market

Farmers‘ Markets anywhere play an important role in today’s food landscape as they encourage small producers to serve a local demand. Small producers tend to grow more environmentally friendly vegetables, grow humanly tended cattle, pigs, sheep, chicken, turkeys, and so on, and keep the $ in the community. Usually, produce, meats, and bakings purchased at a Farmers’ Market also taste better.

Meet the growers, producers, makers, and bakers and ask them where and how they produce the food you eat.

Local Suppliers of Organic Wheat and Rye

The Red Rooster Artisan Bakery is always looking for local suppliers of Wheat or Rye organic grains. If you are interested, please contact us.


We’re always interested in your experiences, suggestions, and opinions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: or telephone 250-560-5000.