Baking Bread: A Matter of Body and Soul.

At the Red Rooster Artisan Bakery we are passionate about bread. To us, baking bread is an integral part of our lifestyle: rooted in simplicity, living with nature, not fighting it; using technology as a help not as a method; giving as much as we take.

We believe that our daily bread should be exactly that - part of the daily nourishment of body and soul. Breaking bread at the table, in the company of family and friends is a testament to an age-old tradition. In losing this tradition we are losing contact to our fellow men, to the farm, to the planet. Take the time to sit down to a meal with your friends and give some thought to where the food comes from.

Respect for Food.

Bread deserves respect. Respect for the soil, the grain, the farmer, the baker, and respect for those who break bread at the table. From the soil to the table, bread is indeed a symbol of the cycle of life. Artisan breads are an expression of a lifestyle; an expression of conservation; an expression of values.

Bread - Wonderful, Complex Simplicity.

The cultivation of grains and baking of bread is one of man’s most significant achievements and even in the shadow of today’s mass production there are farmers and bakers around the world passing on the  age-old art of making wholesome breads full of flavour and nutrients with the help of nature’s own ingredients: flour, water, and sea salt as the base, wild yeasts from the air to do their magic in converting simple ingredients into the incredibly complex substance that is dough, and fire to complete the process of transforming the dough into this wonderful food that appeals to all of our senses: to the touch and to the eye, to the tongue and to the nose, and, not the least, bread appeals to the mind.

Industrial Bread.

Today, some 2000 chemical substances are added to foods of all kinds to increase shelf life with preservatives, to make it look better, to intensify flavour with sugars, salts and artificial flavouring while little is known about the cumulative effect on our health, particularly the health of children - all in the name of efficiency and profit and all of it not necessary, losing all contact with the grower, the baker, and the buyer in the process.

At Red Rooster we carefully balance costs to the consumer, availability, suitability and transport considerations in our choice of ingredients. Our breads are wholesome and without preservatives.

Choose Health. Choose Organic.