Crust & Crumb

Monika - aromatic bread

Mouth watering Crust and Flavourful Crumb

The trademark of our naturally leavened artisan breads is a chewy crust bursting with complex natural flavours and a crumb that is moist and rich in taste.

Artisan breads are baked at fairly high temperatures which results in a distinct crust. The natural leavening process and the use of unbleached whole grain flours help develop natural sugars in the dough which caramelizes during the baking process and creates an intense flavour when eaten. The colour of the crust varies from a dark brown to almost black (that’s OK as long as the bread is not charred) to a golden brown depending on the bread type. It is those shades of dark brown that release those complex flavours complementing the taste of the crumb.

Our bread doughs are gently kneaded by hand or in a diving arm mixer as opposed to the commercial breads where, in addition to yeast, air is “whipped” into the dough to make it fluffy. The oxygen thus introduced into the dough helps to break down (oxidize) vitamins in commercial bread while artisan breads are made without or very little yeast depending on the bread type. The dough of artisan breads has risen slowly and is quite moist resulting in a crumb that holds together (the holes in the crumb are produced by the natural gases developing during the raising process - a moist dough generally produces larger holes than a dry dough).

Unbleached whole wheat flours, natural leavening, a moist dough, no sugars, no additives, no preservatives and a baking process that favours the baking of bread - it all contributes to a superior loaf of delicious, honest bread that lasts longer without going stale, tastes better, and is healthier for the body and the environment than industrial bread.

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