Bread Types

Stone-milled Organic Whole Grain Flour

All of our breads are made from organic grains most of which we mill just prior to baking on our own stone mill.

Sourdough (natural leaven)

We use natural sourdough starter as a leavening agent for all of our breads for superior taste and keeping qualities. Baking with sourdough is more labour intensive but has several health benefits and, using the Red Rooster method, does not have the “sour” taste to it but eliminates the distinctly yeast taste of conventional bread and underlines the inherent tastes of wheat, spelt, semolina, or rye cereals.

Misleading Labeling Terms

Complete grain kernels - as most seeds - can be stored for a very long time without spoiling the most nutritious part, the germ, while once the protective hull of the kernel is damaged by the milling process, the flour that contains this nutritious germ, spoils quite quickly.

Industrial mills remove the grains’ most nutritious germs to increase the shelf life of flour and separate the fine flour from coarse fibre and bran. The flour with its germs removed can now be stored longer which allows the manufacturers to assemble the various flour types from the separated flour elements to meet demands without the worry of possible spoilage as the vast majority of flour types sold in supermarkets (and to suppliers of bakeries) does not contain the valuable germ.

Current labeling laws allow manufacturers of flour and baked goods to call these assembled flour types “Whole Wheat” or “Whole Rye” even though they do not contain all elements of the wheat or rye kernel. The term “whole” clearly implies to the consumer that the product is actually whole and not - as is indeed the case - with essential parts removed.

If you want to make sure you get indeed “the whole of wheat” or “the whole of rye”, that is, if you want the truly good flour/cereal product that includes the nutritious wheat or rye germ, look for labels that state “Whole Grain Wheat” or “Whole Grain Rye”

Gnarly bread

Gnarly Bread Naturally leavened / Organic Ingredients. Wheat, Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Rye.

Rustic Country bread

Rustic Country Naturally leavened / Organic Ingredients. Wheat, Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Rye, Barley, Flax seeds.

Milanese bread

Milanese Naturally leavened / Organic ingredients. Wheat, Semolina.

Focaccia Bread Naturally leavened / Organic flour. With Olive Oil.

Anadama toast

Anadama Toast Naturally leavened / Organic Ingredients. Wheat, Corn, Molasses, Poppy seeds.

Multigrain (9-Grain) bread

Multigrain (9-Grain) Naturally leavened / Organic Ingredients. Wheat, Rye, Triticale, Oat, Barley, Rice, Millet, Sesame seeds and Pumpkin seeds.

Olive Bread Naturally leavened. Organic Ingredients. Black olives.

Highlander Naturally leavened. Organic Ingredients. 50% whole rye, 50% wheat, molasses.

Fig-Anise Delight

Fig-Anise Delight Naturally leavened. Organic Ingredients. Black Mission Figs, Anise seeds.

Roasted Potato/Garlic Bread Naturally leavened. Organic Ingredients. Roasted potatoes (chunks) and roasted garlic.

Hearth Rye bread

Hearth Rye (80% Whole Grain Rye, 20% Wheat) Naturally leavened / Organic Ingredients.

Chilako Rye bread

Chilako Rye (100% organic Whole Grain Rye) Naturally leavened / Organic Ingredients. With sunflower seeds. German Pumpernickel style, sliced.

Spelt/Rye (60% Spelt, 40% Whole Grain Rye) Naturally leavened. Organic Ingredients.

Red Rooster

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