Breads baked with passion

Peace is in the making of good bread for it takes time and patience. The farmer grows the grains in harmony with soil and weather. The farmer's hands feel the grain, the baker's hands shape the loaf. Baking bread is a creative act engaging body, mind, and soul. An artisan baker's bread is a creation of love, always new. It cannot be rushed.

Industry rushes, has deadlines. Industry measures, analyzes, calculates. Machines don't feel the softness of the flour, the firmness of the dough. Industry assembles bread. It never varies. It is without soul.

In crafting bread by hand, the baker bows to what we value in life: community, harmony, nourishment, and quiet pleasure.


Where to find Red Rooster Breads

Red Rooster EXCLUSIVELY supplies Ave Maria Health Food and Specialties, 1638 20th Avenue, PG and Mother Maria's Market, 115-4488 W Highway 16, PG. twice a week every Tuesday morning and Friday morning

We take special orders. Minimum order is one dozen of one type of bread. Red Rooster breads freeze well due to the use of natural leaven. For orders, please call 250-560-5000 or by email: